CORONAVIRUS staying safe at CO.3 Coworking Space



Following the emergence and rapid spread of the COVID Omicron variant, we introduce measures to help keep everyone safe.

1. Therefore we introduce the 2G model for companies and visitors at CO.3. Working at coworking space is only upon presentation of proof of immunisation. Only immunised persons (vaccinated or recovered) are permitted to enter our coworking spaces.

2. Wash your hands and clean surfaces regularly to remove virus particles. Let fresh air in regularly.

3. Minimise how many people you’re in close contact with and for how long. Keep the distance, also during your breaks.

4. Let fresh air in: you can let in fresh air by opening doors and windows. Opening your windows for just 10 minutes, or a small amount of time continuously where you can, makes a significant difference. This is particularly important before, during, and after meeting people.

5. Visitors are permitted to enter CO.3 only upon presentation of proof of immunisation. You are obliged to control this proof. Face coverings (FFP-2) are now compulsory at CO.3 for visitors. Face coverings are also cumpulsory for individuals and companies. FFP2-face coverings should be prefered.

6. Stay at home if you’re unwell or if you have symptoms of coronavirus.